Wednesday, November 30, 2005

And the Sparks Fly

I got home last night feeling quite ready for cozy- at-home-ness. I precariously backed into our invisible driveway, as always, and remarked to myself how gloomy the house looked in the snow. The solution? Turn on the Christmas lights. Well, that usually works. Last night when I turned the lights on, I got quite the light show. We had Christmas strobe-lights! Well for a second anyway. Then all went dark. Once Renn got home he messed with the breaker-box and then tried turning them on again and got the exact same exhibit I had before. It's kind of a funny predicament. We know that the wiring in our house is in a worse than questionable state, so the cause of the problem could be any number of places. How big a deal is it to have your Christmas lights die? Well it certainly affects the cozy appearance of our little house. I've been sneakily turning the heat up when Renn is not home. I get to enjoy a balmy 66 degrees instead of his 59 degrees of choice. Is it any wonder I am feeling sick? I know we are poor, but good grief! I very very nearly called in sick to work today, but paid leave is so hard to come by these days. Weekend anyone?

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