Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mr. Postman

It's December 1st, that means that Dental Schools can officially start accepting new students for next year. This also means that we will likely be getting our future in the mail any day now. I'm fairly certain it did not come today. I didn't leave the house till about 12:15, as I was sick as a dog this morning. I'm still sick as a dog, but now I'm drugged up and trying to preserve sick leave. There was no mail at 12:15. We'll see.
I'm mysteriously not as nervous as I should be. I think I'm just too tired to care as much as I should. Either that or I've already reached my worry quota, and now my mind is convinced I'm playing cruel tricks on it and refuses to participate. I'm pretty sure Renn is about frantic though. For once he is more worked up than I am. Enjoy it while it lasts, it may never happen again. I hope for his sake that we hear something soon. Either way, I think it would just be nice to know and get it behind us. But I'm becoming quite a pro at waiting patiently. Maybe that's what God's had in mind all along.

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