Thursday, November 17, 2005

Chasing My Tail

Blech for unproductive evenings. I did manage to buy gas and milk after work, scramble to my parent's house in time to see my little sister's harp teacher who is an old friend of mine, and get her address for Christmas cards, but that's the end of that. My plans to clean the doggy room were foiled by my dad saying, wait until someone is scheduled to come in, she'll just pee on it again. Very discouraging. I also tried to get my mother to help me with cutting out the pattern for some hooded towels I'm hoping to make for my niece's Christmas presents, but asking my mother for help is a little bit like walking on hot coals, she is the person closest to a nervous breakdown in all my world, so it's precarious. Needless to say I did not make progress there either. Rats.

The source of the problem seems to be my radically unstable brother. Some people are just walking disasters, but you love them anyway, from a distance if you can help it. But my parents have thus far not been able to get much distance between themselves and the disaster, not for lack of trying, and are consequentially swamped with emotional angst and considerable sorrow. This particular brother has such a horrific driving record he is required to have special SR something or other insurance for high risk drivers, and he lost his required special, expensive insurance because he "forgot" to pay his bill (some people make an art out of having irresponsible selective memories) and the same day this was revealed (yesterday), he disappeared with both my Dad's truck and my little brother's puppy. Disaster, disaster, disaster. I'm certain my mother did not sleep last night, and that's a best case scenario for the happenings in that household on such a night. Anyone else excited to move in?

What did get done though, and is perhaps just as important, is that we got Renn's friend Josh to come and look at the basement and the plan is to get it all framed on Saturday morning. Progress is grand, if unpredictable. If we have our camera back by then I can take some pictures of all the work in progress. I am stubbornly optimistic.

In an attempt to make up for last night's failures, I made a pillar candle this morning before I got ready for work. It's all out of recycled wax, so there's an interesting combination of scents going on. But at least it's all a pleasant shade of white(with some black floaties that will all sink to the bottom) One more Christmas present half-way checked off my list. (Sigh)

Perhaps because I have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder, or perhaps because my professor that labeled me "anal retentive" was right, I have kept track of every day I have worked at my current job, and approximated how many I have left. I think this is because it is a job I do not love but do not hate. If I loved it I probably wouldn't care. But today is my 431st day of working here and I have around 152 work days left, give or take. That puts me at very nearly 74% finished, which is tauntingly close to 75% finished, but I won't actually reach 75% until November 30th. I've heard of pregnant people doing this in their last trimester, but me, I have no excuse, and I've been doing it for over a year and a half. Renn thinks I'm nuts and he's probably right.

Tonight? Well maybe more Christmas cards, I think it's my turn to come up with dinner, and I should really start packing things up. What are the chances I'll be productive for once?

Stay tuned.... My life never stays boring for long.

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