Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Frozen Solid

Yesterday I got an Albertson's gift card at work. I'm not sure what I was being rewarded for, but I am very gifted at gift-card-usage. So I just said thanks and then blew it on dinner last night. We had stuffed Pork Ribs with pesto, steamed lemon brocolli, and flaky butter rolls. Great stuff. We don't get to eat that well very often, I won't mention how many frozen or not frozen pizzas I've already had this month. This is all pretty sad for a couple that loves to cook, but lacks the time and money to eat like they'd like to. Rats.

I've got 1/2 of my Christmas cards made! Great progress. Some of them are cooler than others, but hopefully everyone will just appreciate the effort. I've got to stay insanely productive for the next two weeks to stay on schedule. Tonight will be the worst of it. I have to take on a "special job" at my parent's house. Our 15 year old dog, Skittles, has gone blind and become incontinent at night, so my parents had just taken to shutting her in the utility room at night because she keeps hitting her head when she's put in a kennel, and we don't want her peeing all over the house. Needless to say, the utility room does not smell like a rose, and it looks like we are going to have to put an expansion on our breaker box that's in there and the room has to be scrubbed with clorox before any non-family member is allowed in. Looks like I'm the winner. The things I'll do for my puppy. (She's still my puppy, even as a 15 year old grumpy old blind lady).

Renn left our digital camera in Philadelphia, but it's being mailed back to us. As soon as we have it again, I can start posting pictures, hopefully that will assist in making this a much more interesting blog.


Kristi said...

Thanks for coming to my blog!

I know what you mean about loving to cook and not having the time nor the money. We resort to salads most of the time.

You make your own Christmas cards? Wow.

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. My "puppy" at my parents' house was hit by a truck driven by the vet a few years back. I guess if you are going to choose a way to go, that is it. The vet was able to put him out of his misery immediately.

Em said...

Ah, the ever present aging dog dilema. My dad is actually a veterinarian, so we've been preparing for this one for a while. This particular dog (skittles) still seems perfectly content to live and keep peeing on the floor at night. But she is starting to have joint problems and if her problems persist, we've decided she may be put down in the spring. Awful tough stuff. My younger brother's 2 year old dog already got hit by a car and died just this October, so we are in no hurry to do more grieving. That's the rough thing about pets, and people for that matter, eventually everyone you love has to die one way or another. But it doesn't make living any less worth doing.

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