Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Holy Rollers

I am officially experiencing sensory overload. I noticed that they've changed the scent of the air fresheners in the restroom of our office to a Christmas-ish scent and thought it was rather strong. When I said this everyone looked at me like I'm nuts. Even the smell of freshly printed paper coming out of the printer seems kind of strong to me, and I'm sure that can't be normal.

Renn called me to tell me he is feeling sick - to his stomach. Also some of my co-workers children threw up multiple times in the night (the tales we tell...) which makes me begin to wonder whether I've really just been sick for 3 weeks and I'm not expecting at all.... but that seems increasingly unlikely, doesn't it? We will find out for certain tomorrow afternoon and that will be news, won't it? I guess I've snuffed all of the fun and surprise out of it for everyone except me, I will still be very suprised, no matter what I find out. I'll be surprised if I am pregnant and surprised if I am not. How is that for a paradox?

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