Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Bouncing Eggs

Well Emily survived the Japanese Tepanyaki grill. She ate at least a litte of everything (with the help of Diet Coke again). Wasabi and all, it made it in and stayed in and I've never been prouder of myself. I did have 2 bites of Ahi, which it occured to me afterward is a big fat no-no due to mercury levels and such, but hopefully two bites will not do too much. I'm really really hoping that's the end of my social eating events for quite some time. I'm ready to retire to "old people food."

As I write this Renn is taking his last final. I think it is his Organic Chemistry final, which was a big and ugly one, so I'm really hoping it goes well and he's happy when it's all over. He deserves a gargantuan sigh of relief at getting his first break from school since August of 2004. I expect he will throw himself headlong into working on the basement before today is over. He's got such a work ethic, I don't even know what to compare it to.

I leave work for my Doctor's appointment in 3 hours, and then my life potentially changes forever. I'm too tired to be as wound up as I feel like I ought to be. I think I have a curse of anticlimacticism. New word.

I have a couple other vague thoughts buzzing around in my head - my inlaw's stopped by while I was gone last night and Renn showed them the hooded towels I made for my nieces. (It was a lot of work) - I don't know whether it was all they had to say, or it was all he remembered to tell me about - but the only comment was that I spelled Keilani's name wrong on the embroidery on her towel (I spelled it Kaelani, I had a room-mate with that name and apparently got it mixed up). That rather popped my balloon, but I decided I don't care and I'm sending them as they are because it was a lot of work and Keilani can't even spell her own name yet. That's my justification. I don't feel entirely justified, but I'm not about to have time to fix it before it has to be mailed for Christmas.

Next year I'm buying all of my gifts - or worse I'm sending giftcards for the pathetic amounts of money I'll be able to afford to spend next year. Being crafty is so much extra work, and then if anything is wrong or goes wrong I take it so personally. There's got to be a better way.


Kristi said...

Two bites of ahi tuna should be fine. It would be bad if you ate two bites at every meal for a few weeks. Strict moderation is the key!

I hope your appt went well. I suspect it is your first appt with an ob/gyn.

I feel your pain about making gifts for family. I get frustrated when people don't look past what it is to the thought behind the gift. Chronic gift returners drive me nuts. I know a couple that returned EVERYTHING that they received from family for Christmas to get the junk they wanted. I got them a gift card the next year.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Em said...

Finals went well, according to Renn (but of course got all overshadowed by the events that followed) We'll see, but it's nice to have them behind us regardless.

I got the package in the mail for my nieces, incorrect spelling and all - I'm crossing my fingers that someday when they're all grown up they'll have a favorite Christmas memory of getting handmade gifts from Aunt Emily. I know some of my favorite memories are of gifts people made especially for me.

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