Wednesday, December 28, 2005

O is for...

I'm feeling idiosyncratic. I'm into such a routine with work that little invisible things are making up the structure of my daily life. Every morning just before 6:30 Renn has to get out of bed before me, turn on a light, turn on the radio, and bring me some chocolate milk and my pills. I spend 15 minutes trying to swallow my pills (if I don't take them first thing I forget - I've tried!) Then I shower and then I have to sit down for a bit. Then I get all lotioned down, detangle my hair, and get dressed. Then I have to sit down for a bit. If I'm really lucky Renn will make me breakfast, something bland that takes a long time to digest, then I dry my hair as best as I can stand, put on some makeup, wish I'd had the foresight to start my car early to avoid frosted windshield-ness, and take off for work by 7:30. If I make it to Bountiful by 7:50, then to the North Interchange by 8:05, I have a decent chance of getting to work on time (8:30).

At work I water my desk plant twice a week, put lotion on my hands after washing them, and answer phones most all day. If I can make it until 4:30 - then I can survive the last hour. The drive home involves more pairs of left turns at lights, and they are all timed as poorly as possible. As soon as the first one turns green, the second turns yellow, and so there's lots of waiting. Sometimes I think the people who schedule certain stop lights are bordering on unintelligent, but mostly that's just when I'm ornery or in a hurry. The stoplight at the Kaysville Exit has an exceedingly short green lifespan. (At least around 6:45 pm). It stays green for about 6 seconds (I've counted). So even if it turns green after you are already on the off-ramp, you have no chance of making the light. It can be irksome.

I back into my driveway because backing out of it is treacherous, check the mail, and crash inside my house. If traffic has been especially bad then my crashing can also be especially bad. Poor Renn. But I've seen him drive in bad traffic and I'm convinced I handle it better than he would - so I don't feel as guilty as I could.

I'm having the horrid paradox of pregnancy fatigue. I'm painfully exhausted all day - but when it comes time to actually allow myself to sleep - the nausea and heartburn become huge obstacles. I feel like one of the poor tortures people in Greek mythology - bound to be forever thirsty while surrounded by water, to forever have their intestines torn out and then restored, forever bound to roll a rock up a hill and then have to do it over again the next day. I'm forever bound to be exhausted and not sleep well. Ick.

I've found an unhealthy way to soothe my stomach, since I can't pull slurpees out of my pocket and I really shouldn't drink caffeine - I'm turning to solid sugar - I'm keeping my pockets full of chewy sprees. Today they seem to be doing the trick - most of the time.

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