Thursday, December 29, 2005

Undue doing

I'm spoiled!
(I know - big surprise)
Poor Renn is positively bending over backwards to try to accommodate my unaccommodating innards. It's almost like a little manservant - which I feel guilty about but absolutely could not do without. I haven't the foggiest how sickie single pregnant people get by.

Renn is all wrapped up in taking care of me and my tummy's whims, and working like a maniac on the basement. The goal is to be ready to paint by this weekend - mud, mud, mud, tape, sand, mud, sand....... messy stuff. He never takes a break, not a real, true, relaxing lazy type break. I can't understand it.

My mother and Renn got into a mini-argument about maternity clothes. She being from the wear-a-tent era and he being very much against that look. My mother thinks that the tighter-fitting maternity clothing being made/marketed today is obscene and probably uncomfortable... "The last thing you want is tight clothing pushing on your belly" - Whereas Renn thinks that wearing a tent would make an already swollen person feel even more unattractive and depressed than they might otherwise feel. I'm probably middle of the road on this - - but I remember some of my mother's maternity clothes and they were really really ugly. (I think I can safely assume that every other person from my generation feels the same way about their mothers' maternity clothing)
We are hoping she doesn't dig them out and offer them to me. (She being more of pack-rat would obviously have kept them somewhere). If she does, well, I'll have to figure out where to draw the line. Luckily I don't need them yet and don't have to make that decision for... at least a few more weeks.

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