Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Sometime in the last 3 days my gag reflex has gone wild. Yesterday I had to eat breakfast 3 times. Must function, geesh.

Despite my horrendous innards wanting to become outards, it was a most pleasant holiday. Pregnancy news and good wishes were spread all around, relieving me from a lot of secretive pressure (I was never very good with secretive anything). I've resolved to tell my boss(es) after the new year and from then on - I will no longer feel responsible for anyone not knowing why I am green.

In the meantime I have 3 workdays left this week of functioning (while secretly falling apart) before I can again collapse on Renn. He is almost as tired of my rotten innards as I am. (But not quite!) Hopefully (hope hope hope hope....) I will start to feel better by mid-January. That would be a whopping blessing. I need to feel better so we can move, and so that I can function at work, and so that I won't drive Renn crazy with my moaning all the time.

On the bright side everyone seemed happy for us, and even though my Grandma said she felt old, I think she meant it in a good way. We have announcements being mailed to family we didn't see at Christmas, and I'm feeling relieved and surreal. I'd never contemplated having this kind of attention from my family. It's quite odd.

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