Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Run for Cover

Well, it looks like our cover is blown (not that it was ever very impressive cover). I have an OB appointment on 12/19 to confirm what everyone is suspecting, that I certainly may be pregnant. I will get excited and believe it once a doctor tells me that it is so. In the meantime I have what must be the cruelest form of morning sickness I could have ever anticipated. First of all, it showed up at the same time as the sinus-wrenching cold that I still haven't shaken, and second of all, I have to survive my 11 hour workdays, and so far it is not going very smoothly. Yesterday morning, after having a combination of pepto bismol and grape juice in my stomach, I puked up a crazy magenta mess that included my prenatal vitamins and fiber supplement. That was the beginning of a lovely morning. I made it to work after that out of sheer determination, but after I got to work my determination puttered out and so I turned around and came back home and commiserated with myself on the couch for 10+ hours. I found out that a constant diet of low-sodium saltine crackers and ginger ale keeps me from lurching, but that's difficult to do at work where I have to be on the phone all the time. How they heck am I going to do this?! I've seen at least 7 of my coworkers go through entire pregnancies at work and not a one of them had my particular shade of green going on.

So, there's the potentially big news, it'll be officially big after it's official on the 19th. That's your reward for reading my blog, because I'm certainly not going to tell anyone until next year if they haven't already found out.

Sorry about the lack of pictures Afton, it will improve vastly once I have access to the internet at home, starting as soon as the basement is finished. Until then I hope everyone can do without the pictures of Emily looking sick and Renn working his little self to pieces.

Speaking of Renn working himself to pieces, still no big mail. I guess no news is good news, it means he's still being considered. His spirits are getting a little low in that regard, so any encouraging words anyone has a chance to send him are greatly appreciated.

He spent all afternoon and evening working on the basement some more (sheet rock) and apparently his Dad has decided he wants to teach Renn how to mud and tape, so that's going to be a do-it-yourself project as well, and a messy one at that. Still we are excited to be able to make progress, and hopefully I can post pictures of this progress so you can all be very proud of Mr. Renn.

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