Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Lesser Evil

I did it, I got Renn sick. Now he's working like mad and he's sick and he's got finals next week. What's to be done?! Is it wierd that I feel guilty about this? I feel guilty about getting lots of people sick so far this month. But I feel the worst about getting Renn sick, like I should have/could have done something about it.

I called him and he was at my parent's having a bread and butter dinner before digging in to drywalling again. I could hear the multitude of background noise that comes with that house. Someone was playing the piano, someone was whistling, at least two more people were talking, and it added up to an awful lot of noise from over the phone. Poor Renn, he's in for quite the experience moving in there. I think he can handle it, I think we can both handle it, but it will be quite a change from the privacy of our quiet little house.

Note to self: I should take photos of said house and of our Christmas tree both to post here and just to have since the house may not be around for too much longer. It's too old, too poorly constructed, and too close to the road. But we love it just the same!

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