Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Seasons and their weight

The extravaganza is beginning, We have shin-digs and get-togethers almost every night for the rest of the year. It's going to be a lot of fun, but I expect it will also be exhausting. I've been reduced to eating almost nothing but cheerios, almost 10 times a day. Ick

Last night Renn and I comiserated our sick selves and ate our sick people dinners on the couch while watching March of the Penguins. We hadn't seen it yet, but to our dorky credit, we have already watched 4 or 5 other documentaries on penguins, so this was more for the narrative experience. There were some admittedly awesome shots, and I spent the majority of the film thinking about how uncomfortably cold the filmmakers must have been. I was disspointed at how little time was spent on the threat of Leopard Seals (granted, I can always be spared the gore) - but one of the coolest things about penguins is how they rocket out of the water from great depths to get past the slower leopard seals and it results in the flying through the air onto the land. That's my favorite thing about penguins and they skipped it entirely. Oh well - those who want to see it can rent the Blue Planet Series. I'm not sure how I feel about the insistent personification that goes on in a documentary like this. We try so hard to inflict all these human emotions on these penguins, then we watch their "families" split up forever and go their own ways with no signs of sympathy, and for me it just doesn't work. I can stretch my imagination for mammals, after all they tend to maintain at least the mother/child bond until the offspring can entirely fend for themselves, but there are the still fuzzy penguin chicks, left all alone at the end of the ice...... seems kind of emotionally anti-climactic.

Peeling my body from the bed at 6:30 in the morning is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially with the particularly rotten commutes I've had to face lately. I think I need words of encouragement and advise. How does one hurry and get ready for work when one is nauseous and tired, and waking up earlier does not seem to be an option, as I have tried it and my body firmly refused. I'm thinking a really short haircut would help - like wash-and-go short - but Renn abhores the idea, since my hair is just now looking longish again. For now I'll just keep on trudging forward with my almost dry ponytails.

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Em said...

Well, it does make me smile, which is a move in the right direction.

If only I were a morning person! Poor Renn, he is my alarm clock and now that he doesn't have to get up early for school, he has to get up early just to be my alarm clock! (And am I ever hormonal in the mornings - just ask him!)

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