Monday, December 19, 2005

The shape of things

I'm being overwhelmed with symptoms. The fatigue factor hit this weekend. I slept and slept and slept yesterday. Renn is still sick too - and now we are both coughing like mad, so it wasn't an especially pretty weekend at our house.
I made Welsh Bread in clay pots for Christmas gifts (No - I didn't cough on them) and I got garlic on my hands. That was Saturday morning - but now my sensory overload isn't dealing well with the constant smell of garlic - I've tried washing my hands with everything I can think of - from laundry detergent to acetone. It's still there. Plus my whole house smells like the bread I made - which ought to be pretty good - but it has a very distinct garlicy, herby smell that I can no longer handle. Plus I had to season the pots before I could bake in them which meant clouds of olive oil smoke leaking out of our oven for hours on end. It was an adventure and a half.

I'm gathering pictures of my parents as kids as part of their Christmas Present - it has been really fun - I hadn't seen a lot of these pictures before:

Aren't they cute? It's actually been one of the funner parts of this Christmas - and I hope they like it. I don't think they've seen most of the pictures I dug up in years and years. All I have left really is to figure out a gift for my brother the disaster - that will be tricky.

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Em said...

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't been to the Organ Loft, although I know lots of people who go regularly and love it. - (I will check it out and see about January though - it's just a matter of getting my husband to join me - - he thinks Salt Lake is really far away, even though I drive through it to the other end every day.. (my turn to sigh))
I also love Mediterranean food - but you're right - this probably isn't the best time for me to eat anything I would normally love. I think I've had 17 bowls of Cheerios in the last 3 days. (More sighs)

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