Monday, December 12, 2005


Still failing on the picture front - but I'm shifting that entire responsibility to Renn. No more guilt for me. We had a reasonably pleasant weekend. Renn finished drywalling the basement (yipee - there's apicture of the last piece being put in place that it is entirely Renn's responsibility to post) on Friday while I slept on my Parent's floor with my dog. Saturday Renn worked while I went to my sister's Harp recital. Apparently harp recitals are even more nerve racking than piano recitals, because there were nerves all over the place. But Rebecca performed "Joy to the World" perfectly well and I was impressed. That afternoon was a Christmas party with my Mother's Mother in Bountiful. I had a devil of a time trying to eat, but afterwards we had a white elephant game, which proved to be extremely entertaining as I have a very colorful family, then we played Disney Scene-it and Apples to Apples Jr. - both which proved to be fun for all ages and Renn says he was delighted to see me looking happy for once. (I still felt rotten, but I looked happy - that's progress). We came home and Renn watched "It's a Wonderful Life" for the first time and it was generally a good day.

Sunday the only think I could eat was a plain baked potato and plain cream of wheat - at that rate I am very tired of eating, and having to eat every 10 minutes - it gets very dull. Poor Renn, he so wants some real food.

My Doctor's Appointment has been advanced to 12/14, so officiality can take over sooner than later. That's the good news.

The less good news is that we haven't even started packing! I'm beginning to realize what an insane thing we are about to try to do. Where are we going to put everything!? AARG. I'm open to ideas. I'm pretty convinced we will have to rent some space, but everyone else is more or less against that idea. We don't have tons and tons of stuff, but we are definitely moving into a smaller space, most especially one without a kitchen. We've been given until January 15th though, so hopefully we can have a slow and steady move, and not lose too many things!


Anonymous said...

Emily! I didn't know you were pregnant!!?? I even saw you on Saturday and didn't even know! I read your blogs, but I must have missed the one that you mentioned you might be pregnant. I am so excited for you! If you have problems with morning sickness, I am the queen, so give me a call or write me! I threw up every day for 9 months straight, so I feel your pain! Anyway! Congratulations!!!! I love ya! Chan

Em said...

It's still not official - so I'm not talking about it anywhere but here. But I'm not sure how discreet I can be with the constant companion of saltine crackers.

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