Friday, December 09, 2005

Final Friday

I, Renn am most happy with the upcoming break from school. I have several finals next week, physics, genetics, and of course (my favorite,) the American Chemical Society (ACS) final for organic chemistry. So far it has been a most excellent semester and I have enjoyed learning... up till about 3 days ago when I decided my mind has already checked out. I will hold on for a few more days.
As Emily has mentioned I have been making myself into a so-called-craftsman. I have been in the hardware business for 7 years now and can always tell people what they need (or make something up that sounds good) but now I am actually telling myself what I need and doing most of the work myself. It has been a fabulous experience and it is a good way to learn and actually be a craftsman instead of professing to be one. (Through their fruits ye shall know them.) I am afraid I lack the eloquence that Emily so marvelously dictates, which is ubiquitous in her thought processes. I am but a humble burned out student.

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