Monday, January 09, 2006

12 Weeks

My doctor said I could start trying the 1/2 a Unisom and 50mg Vitamin B6 trick and see if it helps. I don't know that it helps with the nausea (I'm making a conscious effort not to be a whiner today, so I won't elaborate) but I think it is helping me sleep. I've discovered that the secret to avoiding my sickest hours is to sleep through them. Thus my new bedtime is 8:00 and anyone who comes between me and my bedtime will experience my wrath. Still, it seems to help my health in general. According to all the advice I can seem to get from every possible place, there is a good chance I will start to feel fantastic (i.e. functional) again anytime in the next three weeks. I wake up every morning holding my breath. (Today is not the day)

I spent Saturday being an unapologetic sick person. I layed around,took naps and read books. (I also did laundry and a few helpful things). I refused to feel guilty that while I was more or less lounging Renn was (yet again) being uber productive.

Basement is in the home stretch (pictures were taken, but again due to my lack-of-internet woes it may be a few days before they are posted). All painting is done, all lights but 1 are wired and working. All doors are installed and/or purchased and ready to be installed. Carpet is being put in on Thursday and really any moment after that the whole project could be declared complete.

EEK for vivid dreams about not being able to find any shoes (last night - along with exploding gumballs and cars that instantaniously (and without warning) convert into mopeds and leave the people in your backseat hanging) and for the overwhelming thought of actually trying to move.

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