Friday, January 06, 2006

In Betweeny

The fabulous package of maternity clothes arrived and everything is spectacular, and big. Not too big, because I will get that big, but I'm not there yet.
Still my body is changing, and so far it has changed enough that none of my pants fit. I have a pair or two with generous stretchy elasticy waists that are forgiving enough, but I'm beginning to hit a crisis.
I guess I could start wearing Renn's pants and roll the cuff, except most of his clothes are worn to bits within a few weeks, and don't even begin to conform with the dress code at work. Sigh.

I left one of my now-infamous pregnancy announcement cards on my bosses desk last night and then wished for good luck with the reception. It actually went over pretty well - I guess attempts at artsiness can help potentially iffy news to lean in a good direction. She just asked me if I was through with morning sickness, I told her no, and she told me thanks for letting her know and that she would expect me to be ornery for a while (that's encouraging). Overall quite a relief. Now I just have to break it to the rest of the office, any ideas?

I had a mysterious hankering for Subway at lunch today - and since I never know in advance what I will be able to eat, I just went with it. But once I got there I had no idea what to put on the thing. I went with Veggie Delight due to my recent problem with meat. The guy in front of me in line was unintentionally riotous. I watched him change his mind at least 8 times. "No wait, ...on second though,... you know actually..." If I had been the person assembling his sandwich I would have asked him if he wanted knuckles in it. I found I was only able to eat 1 bite every 5 minutes, but still it was food and so far it has behaved. Apparently Renn and I had the exact same lunch today, he says it's no wonder we're married.

I started re-reading "The Uses of Enchantment" by Bruno Bettelheim (the famous and at least slightly controversial psychologist) about the importance of Folk Fairy Tales in child development. I did a read/skim of it for one of my favorite college classes (Children's Media) and always wanted to go back and really read it. I may not be a big fan of Bettelheim's other writings ("A Good Enough Parent" gives me nightmares) - but this particular book sits well with me, and makes me think hard about things I rather like thinking about. Besides, things like Folk Fairy Tales and culturally shared narrative experiences are kind of the pleasant meeting place of Freud and Jung (minus so much heavy laden sexual implication). - More along the morally cleaner lines of Joseph Campbell ("The Hero with a Thousand Faces - great read if you're into this sort of thing).

Anyways I'm excited to read the book. I'm a great lover of fairy tales - almost all sorts. And studying them in an academic way is like eating great fudge and finding out it's good for you.

The basement is painted! (insert triumphant sound effect) Renn is working his little head off and I'm terribly proud of him. My dad decided that rather than hire someone to do the finish work (baseboards and closet shelves) he'd buy a big expensive saw and try to do it himself. Heaven help my poor mother, impulse buys are not her forte. So now Renn and my Dad are supposed to be working on baseboards this afternoon. Then light switches (with dimmers!) and outlet covers and we're almost ready to go (sort of). It makes me excited and anxious and nervous and is probably bad for my blood pressure.

I'm serious about needing advice about pants!

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Anonymous said...

Well, here is one thing I did with my pants while I was in that "in between" stage. I got a rubber band and stuck it around the button on my pants and through the button hole, and wore a longer shirt to cover it. It worked for a while, but then I just had to resort to preggo pants. I really didn't mind them. They were actually quite comfortable rather than wearing normal pants and having them press deeper into my belly making my tummy even more upset. I also kept peppermints with me to help me not throw up every second and they seemed to help. If I felt like I needed to throw up (after I already did that morning) I would just pop a peppermint in and it would calm it down a little. Hope that helps! Hopefully your morning sickness is better than mine was!:) Chan

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