Thursday, January 12, 2006

All's Well that Ends well, even with bumpy beginnings

I just finished my 2nd doctor's appointment. Everything went great. I was assured that I will probably start feeling better sometime in the next two weeks, which is at least something to hope for. My cervix looks good (?) my bloodtests all came back great, I haven't lost too much weight, all good. We did get to listen to the heartbeat today, which was pretty cool, but not nearly as breathtaking as the 1st ultrasound. We heard the swishing of the placenta/umbilical cord moving the stuff it moves to and fro, and then we heard a little tiny heartbeat that could have belonged to a mouse. It's nice to have a doctor tell me that despite feeling like I imagine a chemo patient would (I know, I'm sure it's way worse for them... but I don't know what else to compare it to).... I'm actually quite healthy-ish.

I can no longer do the elastic band trick - considering that I sit all day... but the fat pants are still too fat for me. I've got very few clothes that can make this icky part of the transition, and I'll be wearing them a lot for the next little while. Oh well, probably no one will notice but me.

Renn emailed the school in Iowa to ask if they could tell him his status. They said the earliest they could know was the 24th, which is cutting it pretty close (we have to respond to Temple by Feb 1st). Renn's impulse is to just accept at Temple and forget about the other school. I guess I'm okay with that - - AAH I DON'T KNOW!!!

I need to hurry up and feel better so I have some energy to be excited and scared with. I'm way behind emotionally. Life is about to get really really interesting, between moving, having a baby, and moving again... far far away to a place I've never seen... with a brand new baby.... eek!

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