Friday, January 20, 2006

Not to name names

So we've started having the inevitable baby name conversations.
Renn and I come from families who have very different philosophies about baby naming. His mother (parents?) went for unique names with unique spellings, and my parents were all about family/biblical names with history and meaning. And Renn and I both like our names, it follows that we both side with our parents, and thus the conflict.

But the more we talk and consider, the more common ground we are able to find. Here are some names we are thinking we may just be able to live with (whether or not the child who would receive this name could live with it is another matter entirely)

Renn really likes the name Beckham for a boy. I point out to him that there is an obvious association with David & Victoria Beckham, and since they're not dead yet they could still do something we really don't want associated with our kid. Renn doesn't see that as a real problem, since "nobody in the US follows soccer or the Spice Girls". So if we compromised the name would be Beckham Fredrick.... that's a family name. Renn doesn't like naming after dead relatives, I don't like naming after live celebrities, so we both win/lose. Fredrick was my Grandmother's father's name. He was a firefighter.

I had a strong impression a few days/weeks ago that if it's a boy we should use the name Oliver. Renn is still pretty anti- I guess he knew an Oliver that he didn't like so much. We'll have to see.

Girlie names are a much hotter topic. I have much stronger feelings about girl names than Renn does, but since I tend to like old-sounding names there are still abundant issues.
Here are some of the names he's promised to consider.
Vera June (June being a family name on my side)
Esther Ila (Este for short) (Ila being a family name on his side)
Evelyn Jane (Again - Jane is from my family)
He really likes the name Lorien. I used to really like that name, but it hasn't had much staying power in my mind. (So of course he decides to love it...)

Just some names that are up in the air. Anyone with feedback or warnings with our child's best interest in mind can feel free to intervene.

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Anonymous said...

I think Beckham is a cute name! I didn't think it was bad to tell anyone ideas about names UNLESS they were pregnant also and would try to steal it! If someone doesn't like the names you like, then who cares. It's your child. If you like a name then go for it! Just don't name it something like Homer and you will be fine!:) We have a girl name picked out that we will use, but we don't have a girl yet. I love it, but I haven't told anyone what it is. I will most likely have another boy when we do decide to have another child anyway. I will get a girl someday though! Caden is the only boy name David and I have agreed on. Caden Kendall Sedgwick. (Kendall after David's middle name and father's middle name and grandfathers first name) David hates all of the other boy names I like, so we will see when I have another one! We just might have to name it boy#2!
I agree with the spelling on some names, but then again I had to spell and pronounce my name everytime I was in a new class at school, (if you can remember), and I just got used to it. Now, my name wasn't something far out there, but I still had to spell it for everyone. Then I got Sedgwick as a last name so I am forever going to be spelling my names. :) I don't think I have ever heard of the name Vera. I think it is cute also.

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