Friday, January 20, 2006


To quote Miss Jae Dansie, I'm feeling leaps and leaps and leaps and bounds better.
It is always so nice to function like a normal person - or at least close to it.
If I'd had many days like yesterday in a row I'd be a very sick girl indeed.
(Granted I had potato chips for lunch today- but they stayed put!)

A secret little part of me is starting to get excited about life... about 2 years from now.
I spend all my spare moments at work reading blogs of mothers who inspire me and make me laugh. I know, I really know, that I have no idea what I am in for. My mother has drilled that into my head since I was about 10. Her married life has been nothing like what she would have ever expected(understatement!) , and I watched a good chunk of it happen (All but the first year, and then there's a few more years I don't quite remember). I've always assumed my life would be the same way - full of crazy stuff I'd have no control over whatsoever.

BUT I will do the best I can with the parts of life I can control, few as they may be. I'm feeling hopeful about things in general, and even a teensy bit creative. I haven't felt creative in months. This is great. I want to go home and start a project, except that by the time I can go home I won't feel quite that good anymore, plus as of today I have no home to go to, as we are officially moving, right now as I type. There's nothing as strange as leaving your house in the morning and coming home to find all your belongings have moved across town, but that's what I'm in for. I wasn't going to be any help moving anyways (as I can't do anything strenuous like standing for 10+ minutes or lifting/pushing anything heavy without getting dizzy and puking), so we figured I may as well go to work and not use sick leave today. I'm not even sure where I'll be sleeping tonight. Crazy.

Well, I think it's time to get that change of address information in the mail, and sometime in the next week our land line will be disconnected, but that line got used very little, 1/2 of our calls were solicitations.
Anything else I should be doing in the midst of this mess? No really tell me, my brain isn't quite working and I'll forget really obvious stuff.

That's the fun of the 2nd trimester right, the brain turns off?

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