Friday, January 27, 2006


Today is kind of iridescent, I can't quite tell what color I am. I'm all mixed up between serious thoughts and less-than serious ones, and I can't always tell which is which. Is this the foggy-headedness that I'm destined to experience for months to come? This is actually pretty extreme if it is. This is like "I'm so distracted I'm not sure whether it is safe to drive" fogginess.

Some of the thoughts wafting through my head today, none of them with much ability to stick:

* The pros and cons of feminism (as there certainly are both) in all its varied forms.
* The insidious buck-passing I keep experiencing when working with certain offices, and why it is more prevalent some places than others.
* How lovely it would be if it were warm enough to wear a skirt with sandals right now.
* Whether my desk plant would be happier if I sat closer to a window.
* How to get a really good fudge recipe.
* What exactly to do for my husband for Valentine's Day.
* How odd it must be for people from Taiwan and China to spend the Chinese New Year (tomorrow) in the U.S.
* How items with nice packaging/labels always cost so much more, and why I'm so frequently willing to pay more for a comparable product with nice packaging/label.
* The complex ethics of being a consumer... what companies/manufacturers I am willing to support with my (puny) spending power, and whether/how much difference it makes.
* How some colors are so much more fun than others.
* What on earth am I going to do with myself after I finally land in Philadelphia with a newborn? - Well not what exactly, that's obvious... but what will it be like?
* What is going on with the remarkable amount of mucas that is constantly sliding down my throat? (I'm told that's a common pregnancy problem... sorry about the gross factor)
* Why does it always manage to rain/snow/sleet/slush/hail during rush hour?
* Why is it that some parts of the world over-emphasize individual rights while others practically deny their existence? It seems to make it impossible to have a universal agenda.
* Why does God keep so many secrets about WHY?
etc. etc. etc.

That's me and my fuzzy brain!

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hairyshoefairy said...

Lately I've been feeling a little foggy, too, although I think mine may stem from the fact that I haven't had more than a handful of decent nights of sleep since I've been pregnant. No worries, I'm finally talking to my Dr. about it Monday. Anyway, those are good thoughts and they make sense to me.

And if you truely are looking for an amazing fudge recipe my mom has a good one she makes all the time. I've made it once and it actually worked for me (now that's saying something. And you can add really yummy variations to make it PB fudge or mint fudge. Awesome! If you want it let me know and I could get it to you.

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