Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Every shade of gray.

I'm realizing that way too many of my favorite things are summer-ish. I finally had a craving - bonafide gotta-have-it-now-craving - only it's been for a fabulous ripe tomato (yes that's a treat Jeff)... and there is no such thing in Utah in February. All the tomatoes are in sad sad shape. Harder than they should be with next to no flavor and my craving goes unanswered. Sigh.

I'm also craving... the smell of grass. You know when you walk outside and you can smell that someone's mowed a lawn? That must be one of my favorite smells in all the world.... and it is terribly hard to come by when the world is covered in crusty old snow and the grass that you can see is all brown and dead-looking. I want to lay in the grass in the sun in summer clothes barefoot and take a nap. That is my heaven.... oh with a ripe tomato.


--jeff * said...

even the mention of the smell of fresh cut grass conjures up a world of sensations with it.
but i don't see any tomatoes in that vision.
overall, i give you a 95 for your imagery.

hairyshoefairy said...

OOH! Fresh tomatos!! With salt and pepper. Mmmmm. And with a slice of mozzerella. It's currently about 60-65* here, but sadly, I'm lacking a yard with sweet smelling grass so I'm still fantasizing with you. Thanks for the happy thoughts.

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