Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Thought

I quite liked this post and highly recommend it as reflective reading. I think it even applies to me in my pre-birth state. Heck, it applies to anyone in any pre-anything state.
Hope it cheers you up too.


--jeff * said...


yes, i think that is what a lot of us needed to hear. i was not surprised, also, to see that there were 30 comments to that post after just 2 days, chiming in agreement and unison that 'yes, life really is pretty awesome.'
and thank you for comments on my own rantings and musings; there are few things more assuring than to pose you thoughts and soul to the world and have those you respect and admire look and say, 'hmm, maybe.'

in short, thank you for being awesome [even in times of pregnancy--which is more brutal than i even imagined]

Melodee said...

Thank you for the link. :) I appreciate it.

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