Monday, February 13, 2006

The winners, the losers, and me

Weekends are just pitiful for me. I look forward to them with my tired aching pregnant body, but fate always manages to take all the restful parts out before I get to them. I had a good weekend, I did not get good rest, and I paid for it dearly.

Friday Mr. Renn spent the entire day frantically trying to make my parents' house as presentable as possible, as my mother's job has been rather all-consuming and my dad forgot (?) to tell her about the guests that were coming Friday night until it was far too late for her to do anything about it. My dad's siblings and his mom came over for dinner (they brought the dinner with them, so it wasn't the sort of inconvenience it sounds like) and visited until way past my bedtime. I quite like the company of my dad's family, and I justified it to myself by saying I would take a nap on Saturday. (I reflectively snicker).

Saturday I mysteriously found myself babysitting 2- 10 year olds.... Okay they were very well behaved and the only thing I had to do was fix their lunch. Still it was enough to keep me from my nap. Then Saturday night my cousin Christopher was taking his endowments out and I couldn't miss that and before I knew it I was up way way way past my bedtime again.

It follows that Sunday was rough. Did I say rough? I meant my body punished me very thoroughly and there was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth (in addition to inevitable pukage).
Oh why oh why can I not be stubborn and immovable when I know what the consequences will be? I really need to stop losing weight!

I told Renn that I'm going to bed at 7 pm tonight. He doesn't even get home until 7:30.... too bad for him.

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