Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My pro-Valentine's Day Movement

Everywhere I turn today I hear "down with V-Day". It makes me sad.
A.) - Valentine's day is pretty nifty with an interesting history (see link) and Valentine is definitely one of the less psycho saints to be celebrated.
B.) - In my humble opinion the insistence that Valentine's day is entirely a commercial holiday is poorly founded and full of holes. I did not give away a single store-bought card or gift this year (also no candy!), but I still celebrated!
C.) - Those who whine and moan and call it "single's awareness day" are way too caught up in their own self-pity for their own good. Instead of wallowing, why not take the opportunity to tell your closest friends and family how much you love them? Do you think I only send valentine's card to my husband? Not a chance. I sent out almost 20 sloppy looking handmade I love you's this year.
D.) - A lot of folks say they shouldn't need a holiday to do nice things for the people that they love, (especially a complaint from guys I work with) - but I think that's an entirely erroneous complaint. How about, "Yippee, I have another excuse to tell my (significant other) how much I love them and to do something special for them!" - That sounds much better to me. And who says it has to be expensive? Mr. Renn decorated the inside of my car with paper hearts this morning and I was on cloud nine. Silly men.

I'm just terribly afraid that the whiners are going to win and they are going to take away my favorite holiday!

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--jeff * said...

you are great. bottom line. i have never celebrated 'singles awareness day', but in my social state didn't think much about 'valentine's day', either. your enthusiasm for it is infectuous, though--yesterday was a day full of little difficulties that don't matter but still leave one feeling a tad salty; in my mail was a valentine card that made me smile and feel pretty darn awesome inside. thank you! i would never have guessed that it was homemade; it's great. thank you for your postings and pro-valentine's reasonings. i wish you and renn a very sweet and rad day.

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