Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sweet and Sour

So according to, our baby is the size of a large sweet potato this week. I haven't the foggiest how big a large sweet potato is, but I guess it's bigger than a large onion (last week)..., and smaller than a small zucchini(next week) - makes me wonder if I'm growing a baby or a vegetable.

Over my long and exhonerous weekend, Mr. Renn and his mechanically inclined brother disassembled my car, put in a new clutch, and put the whole thing back together again. Apparently a few screws rolled into lost corners because as I was driving on the freeway yesterday a big piece of the plasticy form that lines the bottom of the car / wheelwell dropped and started scraping on the freeway. Oooh that was not a fun sound. I pulled off the freeway and squatted down as low as I can (which is not that far...) and I tied the thing in place with twine - the only thing in my (very messy) car that I could think of. I pat myself on the back for having a messy car that contained random items that can come in handy in the case of unusual emergencies. My makeshift job held steady until I got home and gave Mr. Renn a lecture on how putting things back together means putting all the screws back. Not much of an adventure, but as good as it gets when you're me.
Tonight is a real adventure. For Valentine's Day, Mr. Renn and I are taking a cooking class together. I let him pick the class he wanted to attend, and Mr. Renn who loves all things that remind him of Mexico picked a class called "Some like it Hot." Aren't I a good sport? Normally I would love this sort of a thing, but normally I'm not pregnant food-hater. I'll be taking one for the team tonight.


hairyshoefairy said...

That's a funny comparison for babies.

I had the pleasure of the car shield experience while at my friends house. No one was home. I backed up, noticed it, and considered driving over it. After deciding not to I ended up rumaging through their garage (a little scary cuz they weren't good friends) and found some limb clippers. I just clipped mine off. It was really dark and snowy and I didn't even think about trying to reattach it. You're smarter than I was. I thought it was quite a traumatic experience. I drove around with it for a while before I realized that's what the sound was. It's a little alarming.

Tracy M said...

Oh, you are a good soul! Take your ziplock baggie with paper towels with you!

I have always laughed at the way they compare baby to a fruit or veggie- first a lentil, then pea, bean, kumquat, strawberry, lime, lemon, onion, etc, etc... You half expect Carmen Miranda to dance out of you in the delivery room!!

We still call our 2 1/2 year old "Little Bean"- it just stuck, even though he is now the size of the Great Pumpkin!

--jeff * said...

i hope you give birth to a big healthy tomato.

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