Monday, March 06, 2006

calisthenic days

Whoosh goes the weekend, I blinked and it was over.

I did get a few little things accomplished. I mostly finished my sister-in-law's wedding present. I boxed up all the clothes I will probably not fit into for at least a year. I attended every meeting for my stake conference. Oh, and I went to the temple.

It was pretty monumental actually. I went to the temple with my mother's entire temple-attending family, and for the first time in at least 47 years, that included her dad. He hadn't been since his wedding day. So imagine after missing all of his children's weddings (& mine) he up and one day decided he wanted to go back. I'm sure there was more to it than that, primarily that my grandma has been working at the temple for the last year or so all by her lonesome and I'm sure she's been praying for this something fierce for years on end. And finally it happened. Very interesting and emotional experience..... at 7am on a Saturday. I'd elaborate, but it feels rather personal.

Our stake was divided at our stake conference this weekend and our new stake president is a 35-year-old orthodontist. Compared to all the other silvery stake leaders up at the pulpit, he looked like he was about 18. He still has kids in primary! He's only been out of dental school for 7 years! He reminded me enough of Mr. Renn that I started hyperventilating thinking that such a thing could happen to us. Eek! That would be awfully hard with young kids and a young business... I don't think I'd be very excited at the prospect. I guess I will just have to keep accidentally offending people at church (a la primary president in previous post) in order to keep my husband from being a candidate for such a calling.

This week promises to be full-to-overflowing. I may not get much blogging done, and that's probably just fine. I have brother-in-law's birthday, sister-in-law's wedding, doctor's appointment, ultrasound, preparation for an internal audit at work, and an extended family birthday extravaganza... and that's just the parts I can remember right now. My brain gets less efficient with each passing pregnant day.

I had a horrid experience this morning. Horrid in the "I am ashamed it happened" sort of a way. Mr. Renn had gotten my car started for me this morning and gotten my breakfast and lunch packed for me, and then hurriedly sent me out the door in an effort to get me to work on time. I got out the door and into my car and realized I didn't have glasses or contacts on me, and I can't legally drive without them. I run (waddle) back to the door and find it locked. Any rational person would go take the keys out of their car and unlock the door, retrieve the keys, no big deal. But not me. I pounded on the door, then ran to another door and started pounding, until I had surrounded the entire house and wasted almost 10 minutes. Mr. Renn finally opened a door I was standing by and let me in (he'd been in the bathroom) and I was just a big ball of fumes. I was so upset and irrational and icky.....
Poor guy, it is no fun to be married to me right now.

I have already apologized to him, and per usual he was smart enough to chalk it up to hormones and forgive me way before I asked him to. What a peach. Mr. Renn deserves good husband accolades galore.

And nobody ever told me that having my stomach muscles and skin stretching 24/7 would leave me feeling like I'd constantly just been punched in the stomach.... ick.


Anonymous said...

I still haven't seen you at a harp lesson yet! I am excited to see your little belly! You probably aren't even showing much, but it is fun to see anyway. It seems to me that almost everyone I talk to is pregnant lately. My best friend just had a baby today and everyone else is due in a few months. Am I missing something? I have a 13 month old, and people keep asking me when I am going to have another one! He just turned 1! Give me a break! Actually I would like to have one at the beginning of next that would mean I will be pregnant sooner than later....Do I really want to do it all over again.....??? I am excited to find out what you are having!:) I think it is a girl! Then again everyone I know is having boys, so you just never know...

Em said...

They switched my shift at work so that I don't get home until after 6:30..... usually not until 7.

But I will make it work somehow soon!

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