Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Nice Guys not only finish last, they get clobbered

I must be a nicer person than I thought I was. There are things that it would never occur to me to do (especially to a pregnant lady), and other things that I would never have the heart to do (to a pregnant lady) ...... and yet....

I am a predictable yes person, even in my current state of neuro-physical upheaval I still say yes when someone asks a favor of me, no matter how much I may want to say no. Most people know this about me and are very careful when asking things.... but others.......

It would never occur to me to eat a pregnant lady's food in front of her (without asking) just because I knew she was too nice to say anything about it. Especially when I knew how important it is for her to gain weight.

It would never occur to me to un-sort all the unpleasant emails I had been assigned and put them in the pregnant lady's inbox just because I knew she was too nice to say anything about it.

I wouldn't dream of asking a pregnant lady to wait an extra hour for her lunch break.

I would go out of my way to not ask a pregnant lady to change her shift unless she requested it.

I would never consider it acceptable to block incoming calls when the pregnant lady is the only other person answering incoming calls.

In short.... I must be a much nicer person than I thought I was, because I would never have thought that the people who did these things would have ever done them.

I'm sure that the rampant hormones are affecting my point of view, by the way. I'm hoping that people in general seem much nicer to me after I get myself all evened out. But by then I'll be carrying around a baby, and that will evoke a whole new set of unique responses from people around me. Let's hope I'll be pleasantly surprised by that one.


--jeff * said...

dear 'pregnant lady',

i enjoy your outlook on the unfortunate occurances that occur in this telestial life ongoingly, including today and yesterday and the day before. let me tip my non-existant hat to you for being polite and long-suffering in the face of doorknobs. and while i trust that your reward for such patience will be forthcoming, you continue to earn admiration and support from friends who, despite appearing only in electronic comments, do cheer for you and other members of the budding flinders clan.

hairyshoefairy said...

Well, that's just not right! I'm mad at other mean people for you.

I've swung the other direction. I'm afraid I've become the queen of "no" since becoming pregnant. I still try to be nice about it, but I jsut can't bring myself to commit to things the way I used to. I used to say "okay" to everyone and took dinners to people and went with the missionaries once a week at least and gave rides to people all over the place. You are much nicer and stronger than me for doing what you do and putting up the the things you have to from other people. Way to go!

BTW I'm so jealous you're finding out what you're having so soon. My Dr. isn't doing my ultrasound til mid-April and it's just killing me.

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