Thursday, March 30, 2006

The many forms of suspense

My mother is in surgery right now. At least she should be. I won't be the least bit surprised if she chickens out, but I'm also pretty sure my Dad won't let her chicken out, and that she's under the knife. This is generally a good/borderline fantastic thing. The only catch is that my mom is extremely sensitive to medication. An adult dose of tylenol will make her hurl. So how on earth she will deal with anesthesia and post-operation main meds..... I don't know. That will be interesting and probably ugly.
Also my mother is one of those unreasonably stubborn people who can't hold still. She knows she needs to take it easy for at least 2 weeks. I made sure she knows. Her mother and sister made sure she knows. But I don't think she know how, and she certainly doesn't want to. She's certain to be trying her darndest to keep up with homework and her job from bed, and if she starts trying to lift things or do any work around the house, heaven help us if we don't slap her silly. It's certain to be an issue.
Mr. Renn is picking up the slack and being a trooper already. He woke up 45 minutes early today to take my 15yr brother to his early morning Chinese class, and made breakfast for everyone who cared to eat it. He's already got plans for dinner tonight too - wow. He'd make a great mom, too bad that's my job.
So tomorrow I turn 24 (wahoo!), I'll have a mom sick in bed, probably puking from the anesthesia and unable to take anything for the crazy pain. It should be a great day.

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Anonymous said...

I hope everything goes well with your mom! I have a very hard time with any type of medication also. After I had Caden they tried to give me some Loritab and it makes me so sick and loopy that I just took ibuprofen. Not a big dose either. If I have a headache or something I would rather just deal with it than take anything. I am weird. Happy Birthday tomorrow! I have a few months left and then I will be 24 also! We are getting old... Can you believe we graduated highschool 6 years ago?

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