Wednesday, March 29, 2006

gourmet and why I can't have it

My little sister turned 11 yesterday. She is one of those impossibly picky eater-kids. She rarely eats meat, won't eat green vegetables, runs away from marinara sauces, etc. For her birthday dinner she got to pick the menu and we had fettucine alfredo... ish. It was more like a white-sauce version of mac and cheese...

The most fantastic foodie hang out within a reasonable driving distance from my home is Tony Caputo's Deli:
I found out today that they have cooking classes there and that has been my singular happy thought for the last 5 hours.
I also found out that Frances Mayes has a new book coming out. Normally I love her travel writing and would snatch up her book, but this book has been getting lukewarm reviews.... I'd wait for a copy to show up at a local library, but my local library is currently a bit of a joke and no new books will be showing up for some time. Sighs all around.

With all misfortune and grains of salt, I have been feeling ickier than usual this week, since Saturday. None of the mediocre food I find myself surrounded by sounds palatable to me. I can't help thinking that if I could just stop by Tony's every day I would always find something fabulous and perfect to eat and I would stop being so extremely sick and malnourished looking. Too bad Tony's food is way too expensive to eat if there's any chance you are going to throw it back up.

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Anonymous said...

You're right Tony Caputo's is awesome. I like people who appreciate fine food. Yes, it is expensive, but small scale artisan produced food ALWAYS costs more. I have been to thier classes and they are fun with plenty of good food to eat.

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