Tuesday, March 28, 2006

sighs and prepositions

Jeff's blog made me sad today:

Not sad in a hopeless way, just sentimental and reminiscent. I can remember what it was like having the luxury of caring whether the people I worked with were fantastic and interesting. Not that I don't care now - but I'm not allowed (self-imposed restriction really) to make that a deciding factor. It doesn't matter whether I could be doing something cooler, or more gratifying, or working with people who boost my sense of self-worth. I'm stuck where I am for now. Nobody is sticking me here but myself, still I am doing it for my family...Mr. Renn and baby on the way. Definitely not working the desk job for myself.

I have approximately 80 work days left and have worked almost 520. It seems like that should be a whole lot more than 87% finished.

What am I going to do with myself when I'm not here all day? Well, duh, I know what I'll be doing, but I haven't got an adequate imagination to envision what it's going to be like.

So many changes, so fast and all at once, and all I can do is sit still and wait for it all to hit me like a freight train.

I have to justify this potentially whiny post by saying I feel worse for Tracy than I do for myself.

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Tracy M said...

It is so good that I can uplift others, that the abject misery of my life manages to pale so many others'!! Really, I need to cling to whatever I can these days!

(I'm totally smiling and laughing with you Em ;)

It'll be nice when this is all over and people get to know the real, sane and normal me! I'm not crazy, really, I'm not... uh oh, they're coming again with my jacket... I gotta go...

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