Wednesday, March 08, 2006

slippery when wet

There are some very devoted smokers that work in the building next to me. Pretty much any time, morning or afternoon, rain, wind, sleet, snow, or scorching sun I can see a group of them out my window. Since almost nobody I work with smokes, there is a long running tradition of mocking the smokers outside our tinted windows. They are referred to as the most devoted/committed people on earth. I have to wonder, is there anything that I would stand outside in sub-zero temperatures in a blizzard for almost 20 minutes for? Um.... nothing much is coming to mind. I have to wonder about how that affects job productivity.

The downside of having a desk job while pregnant is starting to manifest itself. My legs are constantly going numb and my bottom aches from sitting. When I stand up the sensation of stretching the muscles in my lower abdomen is remarkable and I usually end up making a surprised/painful face. I'm afraid I am absolutely doomed to varicose veins and hemorrhoids, no if, ands, or buts about it. **sigh**

The "big ultrasound" is tomorrow morning and I don't know if I'm more excited or apprehensive. Renn's family really wants a boy (for grandkids they have 4 girls and no boys so far), my family really wants a girl (especially my little sister), my boss says she's convinced I'm having a boy, and Renn has said at least once that he thought we'd have a girl first. Me? I have no inclination either way, whatsoever. I am, however very overwhelmed at the thought of being a mother to sons... based on my 3 brothers. If I had a girl who was like me, I think I could handle that. If I had a girl who was not like me... that might be even scarier than a boy. Oooh, I don't know what to think, it hurts my brain.
In a secretive way I'm almost as excited to be skipping morning rush hour traffic tomorrow as I am about the ultrasound. It makes such a difference to take that chunk of horror out of my day.

And is it just me, or are rock-chips in the windshield more likely to occur when the driver is already having a bad day? In the last two weeks my 3 worst days have all been topped off by nice dime-sized rock-chips. Of course due to the fact that it's still WINTER (groan) one has already cracked (a nice 2-foot crack) before I had a chance to get them fixed. Sounds like Mr. Renn gets to take my car to the windshield store soon. Isn't life expensive?

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