Thursday, March 02, 2006

Split Screen

I had a remarkable night last night. It was a good and gooshy evening full of remarkabilities. I drove to work this morning thinking good and gooshy thoughts and planning to write only good and gooshy things. Then I actually got to work and entered an entirely different reality. In short, one branch of our company is officially changing its name and the change is causing me (and only me it seems) headaches ad nauseum. I got double whammy slammed with it almost as soon as I walked in the door and it knocked all my gooshiness out of me.

Now I'm going to try to remember and revive some positive thinking.

My dad came home from work yesterday with a bunch of rib-eye steaks and some gargantuan containers of steak seasoning and steak sauce. He gleefully made dinner for everyone (w/ baked potatoes and salad to balance it out.) His good mood was fairly contagious and everyone was pretty happy all around by the end of dinner.

Mr. Renn got to watch the majority of American Idol last night and that put him in an especially good mood as well.

I made Mr. Renn look at the online baby registries and approve everything I'd listed (a few items are still iffy for him... but it was a generally good response.)

As we are both settling down for bed Mr. Renn asks me how I'm feeling and other vague but sensitive and appreciated questions. We somehow get to the topic of whether I've felt the baby move yet. I start on my usual answer ( I get asked that a lot) of "probably, but I have so much going on inside of there I wouldn't know it was the baby..." when all of a sudden, with my hand resting on my bulbous belly, I feel something poking me. I violently grab Mr. Renn's hand and put it on the same spot and say "tell me if you feel anything." (I'm feeling like such the cliche pregnant lady for doing this.... but it's normal and instinctive to want to share with DH, right?)
AND HE CAN FEEL IT! Holy pajama party, what a family moment. We spent the next 20 minutes feeling the little jabs coming from my innards until the baby apparently calmed down and we went to bed much later than we had planned.

It was definitely a cool evening, although at one point I described the sensation as "creepy" and Mr. Renn started to get really concerned at my word choice. Well, being pregnant generally is kind of creepy, isn't it? It's miraculous and totally worth it, but at least at first, feeling an independent being moving inside of me was.... a little creepy.


--jeff * said...

creepiness aside, your posting made me smile.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it so neat how you can feel your baby "swimming" around? That is the most I miss about being pregnant. Just wait until it starts punching and kicking your ribs! Thats a lot of fun.....:)

hairyshoefairy said...

It is creepy! It's also very cool though, I think. My baby seems to wake up and exercise from 5-11 every night. It's very strange. I totally think it's the coolest when my husband can feel it, too. You don't feel so alone or that it's all in your head when you can share it.

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