Monday, April 17, 2006

Back to Life

Ah, I'm back.
I like long weekends, they remind me that I am more than just an employee. My sense of self-worth is always greatly enhanced by such reminders.

My podiatrist appointment Friday morning evolved into a minor surgery. Obviously, being a pregnant lady, I could only have a localized pansy anesthetic. That slowed me down for the rest of the weekend. But I am tougher than I thought I was, and have only taken pain meds twice.

I also got self-kudos for surviving the family baby shower with flying colors. I put together a "hurry and pamper your aching self before the baby's born" kit for the Disaster's girlfriend. Peppermint foot lotion, gelly eye mask, all things eucalyptus, the works. Yeah for coming up for gifts for difficult people in difficult situation. Enormous surprise (sarcastic voice) ... it didn't occur to the Disaster and the girlfriend that the shower wasn't just for them, and they neglected to bring gifts for the other babies being celebrated. Such a shock. Not that I'm in need of any more gifts right now.... but it was kind of awkward when my cousin and his wife (due like tomorrow and really poor college students ... such jovial and pleasant people for being so close to a maddening day) gave the Disaster and Girlfriend a lovely gift. I sigh, I can only sigh.

Mr. Renn and Baby and I were perfectly spoiled ourselves, we got all kinds of goodies that I only wish I had a place for! I don't suppose there's much of a point in even taking things out of their packages. We'll just toss them all in the moving van and I'll see them again five months from now. Oh how I wish I could be setting up house for a baby. It's a terribly strong instinct, isn't it?

After the shower Mr. Renn and I (yes Mr. Renn is attending all of my baby showers...) went out to dinner with a coworker of mine and her husband. She and I spent the entire evening commiserating about work while Mr. Renn and her husband talked about applying to dental school (he's just getting started in the whole mucky process... poor guy). It was quite nice really. It's good to talk to someone who really understands how I feel about work in an environment where we are totally free to talk and vent. Remarkably therapeutic, I should definitely do that more often.

Today was my mother's first day back to work. She is only supposed to work 3 or 4 hours, but you know how things go... I'm sure she will totally wipe herself out and be exceedingly ill. I can't help but worry.

Mr. Renn is putting finishing touches on the new bathroom. (Photos to be posted as soon as I get around to it... ha ha ha) After one more spell of grouting the wall tiles, all we have to do is wait for the glass company to put in the shower door and the plumber to come and finish with the sink and toilet and shower fixture stuff. Mr. Renn says we should be moved into the bathroom by the end of the week. This makes me happy on so many levels. First of all I will only have to take 5 or 6 steps to make it from my bed to a toilet in the middle of the night. Second of all it will put an end to the problem/mystery of whose fault it is that our current bathroom goes through 1 roll of toilet paper a day and who should pay to keep supplying it. (The current bathroom is right off of the family room where the TV is and where most of my siblings seem to reside during their waking hours.) Third of all I will be able to get ready for bed at night without worrying about my brothers having friends over and having to parade my pregnant pajama self in front of them. All good things.

So apart from my hormones making me edgier than I'd like to be, and my perpetual inability to deal with the Disaster in a healthy way, all is well. And one of these days the hormones are going to stop being an issue, and I won't be living quite so close to the Disaster (and thus will be able to see with more clarity and compassion), so time is going to fix everything.... sort of.

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--jeff * said...


thank you for keeping a blog during your pregnancy. i don't know if you considered such an event as the main reason to start writing, or if this is just a much-needed creative outlet for a talented film major, but i do enjoy it ever so much. your self-reflexive commentary is utterly fascinating, and i do enjoy reading it so.

do keep up the good work.

and please post pictures of the bathroom.

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