Thursday, April 13, 2006

Into Bliss

I have a bonus holiday tomorrow. Our company let's 1/2 staff off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and 1/2 staff off for Good Friday. This year I chose Good Friday because it's in the middle of a long stretch without any holidays. I'm feeling really good about that choice right now.

So I may disappear for a spell, and if I do make it to a computer it will probably just be to see whether Tracy's had her baby yet. (

My day off is already full though. I have a podiatrist appt at 9:15, I have to get my windshield replaced (again) at 12:30, and I'm getting my hair cut (yeah! long overdue) at 3. All spaced out just enough that I can't get anything substantial accomplished in between. After that Renn and I are supposed to help my mother get everything ready for Easter, since nothing is ready yet. Hasn't really made it to the top of anyone's priority list. I'm hoping I can find some Kinder Eggs, although I'll probably have to make the trek out to Tony Caputo's ( to find them.

And I have my first baby shower on Saturday! So weird! Well, it's joint shower for my cousin's wife who is due next week, the Disaster's girlfriend who is due in May, and me. I'm kind of the afterthought.... the "while we're at it...." Addition to the shower. But still....

That means I have to come up with a gift for the Disaster's Girlfriend... that's really awkward for me. (Isn't awkward and awkward word?). How do you give someone baby stuff when you really believe in your heart of hearts that their keeping the baby is the worst idea ever?
Ideas anyone? I was thinking hemorrhoid pads and an ice pack.

My dad has been asked to speak in church on Sunday, and Renn has been asked to sing in my parent's ward, even though we still go to our old ward(Renn is really fond of his calling....) and have to sing in our own ward choir Sunday
So we'll be going to 4 hours of church... hope the baby cooperates.

They asked my mom to speak too, but my Dad declined on her behalf. (Which is good.) So instead they asked one of the widows in the ward to speak. (The stake presidency calls her one of the "Classics") She called last night and asked whether she could talk to my dad to make sure their talks were compatible and they didn't duplicate scriptures, etc. When my mom told her my dad is out of town she said, "Oh dear, I'm in trouble..." I found that hilarious. I'm sure my dad will prepare his talk the morning of.... if at all. I would sigh and say "men..", but I'm like that too. I can't remember the last time I prepared a talk or a primary lesson in advance. Most weeks I'm grabbing the primary manual and checking for extra "suggested materials" just before I head out the door, then I skim the lesson while Mr. Renn drives us to the church. I bet I could/should do better.

My mom and I mostly finished my project last night! I'm making a new bassinet cover for the bassinet that's been in the family forever. It is so nice to have supervision from someone who knows what they're doing! I learned the smart way to do gathers. Oh how I would have screwed that up if left to my own devices! I should most definitely be able to post a picture... it would be hard to screw it up too badly now.

So, with a couple of deep breaths I dive into a long and potentially wonderful weekend.


hairyshoefairy said...

How exciting! A vacation! So does you windshield get nailed by rocks on your commute all the time or something. That many windshield replacements adds up fast. Ugh! Good luck! Hope you totally enjoy your long non-working non-commuting weekend!

Mo said...

"I was thinking hemorrhoid pads and an ice pack." Seriously, I am I the ONLY person who finds that riotuosly funny?!!!

Cam said...

So, Em...I've been waiting for your review (critique) of your Dad's talk. I hear that contrary to your pessimistic expectation, he actually started preparing a week and a half before hand and had his entire talk written out (maybe while on vacation?). You know, sometimes we men can surprise the women in our lives with the talents we usually keep modestly hidden away. (grinning, running, and ducking)

You may have missed a golden opportunity to use your ample creativity and writing talents to help establish yourself as a "classic" in the making by not volunteering to fill in for your Mom as a "guest" speaker when your Dad declined on your Mom's behalf. ;)

How did Renn think his special musical number turned out?

Em said...

Fair enough - for follow up my Dad's talk was superbulous. Although there was a lot of talking about Lazarus for it being Easter, which is fine because he seems like he was a nice and deeply important person... and the assigned scripture came from the midst of the story of Lazarus, so there you go.

Renn did spectacular as well... unfortunately the guy in their quartet who was assigned to sing melody thought it was going to be easy and declined to show up to any practices... Renn was pretty upset about that.

But all that matters to me is that Mr. Renn did great!

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