Thursday, April 27, 2006

Looking the other way

I'm sure I will love my baby and be the best mom I can be.... but this particular morning I'm a little resentful of the fact that he didn't let me sleep all night! Tired pregnant lady with raging hormones... ugly.

So I am calling on all of my reserves to be happy and civil this morning. I'm trying to think happy future-oriented thoughts.

For my grandpa's 76th birthday (corrected - thanks Cam) , he's taking all his progeny on a tour of the town where he grew up. That'll be this Saturday. I'm not sure what exactly he's going to show us, but it will be nice to hear about his childhood, and really nice to see family. Plus Mr. Renn has the day off work.

Mr. Renn planted dill, chives, and something else, and I will be really happy if they grow.

Embroidering calms me down when I'm upset. But I'm really really slow at it when I 'm doing it to un-upset myself.

Beautiful weather. Remember how sick I was of Winter? I finally feel like it's over.

I have less than 60 days of work left!

I think I'm going to start trying to sleep in a recliner. The lying down thing - not working so much.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be able to think in paragraphs instead of sentences.


hairyshoefairy said...

LOVE the picture! I wonder if that's why I, who normally sleep like rock all through the night, keep waking up for seemingly no good reason at 3am. After I'm awake I notice the baby is VERY wiggly, but I'm such an unconcious sleeper I have no idea if that's what really wakes me up. Let me know how the recliner thing goes.

Kathryn Thompson said...

"happy future-oriented thoughts" - cute.

Good luck with the end-game. When I got pregnant with my second, I forgot how hard the last months were. I think that's why I got pregnant with a second...

Cam said...

Your raging, sleepy hormones are taking such a heavy toll on you that you've become dyslexic! Your grandfather will be celebrating his 76th birthday, not his 67th. ;)

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