Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I am doing better. I'm not sure I want to be doing better, because it seems to mean I am forgetting. I think I'd mostly prefer to be a wreck and be able to remember vividly, but I suppose there is a reason we are physiologically wired this way. Can't help resenting it though.

My sister and I bought flowers on Saturday and I planted them on Skittles' grave. They haven't died yet, so I feel tinges of hope.

I am very happy that Tracy's baby finally came! (And is now an Actual girl instead of a Maybe girl) Here's hoping with all my hope that she's feeling better soon. http://allmyredheadsrock.blogspot.com/

The Disaster's Girlfriend could have her baby any day now as well. She's not actually due until mid-May, but she's got this problem where she goes into labor anyway. So far they have given her a shot to stop labor to avoid the NICU until the lungs have a better chance of working right.... but if it happens again they will let her go.... and life will get interesting.

Speaking of Disasters and their Girlfriends.... I have to backpedal and be nice. The Girlfriend did come over last night with late-shower gifts for my cousin ( & us) and even brought over thank-you cards to get addresses from us.... so I have to give credit where & when it is due...
Although by the time she left she and the Disaster were fighting and she threatened to not show up at the shower my Mom's family is throwing for her next week.... Isn't that charming?

I'm a little shower-ed-out at the moment. And I'm supposed to attend a bridal shower tonight. Normally I love celebratory occasions.... but "normally" doesn't seem to apply right now. I will most likely still go, because I'm like that. But maybe I will make it a short cameo appearance.

God gave me good traffic this morning, that was nice of Him.

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