Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My soap opera morning

You know, you would think that an uneventful doctor's appointment would translate to an uneventful visit to the doctor's office, wouldn't you?

Bright spot - baby's heart still sounds fantastic, and I am getting rounder at a textbook rate. All signs point to healthy baby and healthy-enough mama.

As I'm making my appointment for next month (glucose tolerance test... yeah!) Something in some computer system somewhere glitches and I am told I can no longer deliver at the hospital I was planning on. I am told I will have to deliver at hospital B, which does NOT make me happy. I had my heart very much set on hospital A. I, however, am far from fluent in the languages of insurance, so I cry my eyes out (remember I'm chug-full of pregnancy hormones and cry easily, so something that would normally make me cry anyway REALLY gets to me now). Mr. Renn and I hurry home and lay out all the cards on the table in front of my ever-wise mother (in regards to all things health-insurance related). She runs a hospice, she talks to insurance people all day, she knows the lingo. So my mother and I spent the next 3 HOURS on the phone with various persons straightening the whole thing out. Good news is I'm back at hospital A. Bad news is I can never get those 3 hours back. Good news is my mom is wonderful. So glad she was at home recovering on a day like today.

If only I could get my eyes to stop being puffy. They'll inflate in 2 seconds flat, but they take half a day to deflate.

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hairyshoefairy said...

I'm glad you worked it out to deliver where you want! What a helpful mom you have! I would have cried, too. After teaching RS on Sunday and crying each time for months now people don't ask what's wrong anymore. They know. It's just pregnancy hormones plus normanl emotion and it shows on the my for the next 5 hours.

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