Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Random pregnancy bonus for me. The veins on the back of my hands are becoming very prominent. If they weren't my own hands I'd be a little grossed out. Lots of big blue bulges everywhere. I'm assuming this is due to the increased blood volume and all that jazz. Just about every wierd thing my body does of late can be traced back to all that blood.

Yippee for the baby kicking so hard I can sit and watch my belly morph when it gets slow at work. What a passtime. If only we could convince him to only kick when I'm not on the phone.... that would be a trick!


--jeff * said...


i do enjoy your postings oh so much. thank you for writing, for sharing firsthand accounts of what it's like to be pregnant and the musings of your less-than-perfect life.
i never got to see dean's 'fit for the kingdom' documentary of his family's fhe, but i imagine that if you made one, it would be a similar mixed tone of love and confusion.

cheers to the pregnant lady.

Cam said...

I don't know about your Dad, but I inherited prominent veins on the backs of my hands and inside corner of my elbows, much like my grandfathers and Mom. The nurses at the Red Cross LOVE when I give blood because my veins are so easy to find! Worse then the bulgy veins are that, slowly, over time, my hands have acquired another trait of my grandfather's hands....wrinkles! And lots of em. I really noticed this a few weeks ago while flying home in a dark airplane with only the light of a laptop illuminating my hands. Wow! That lighting REALLY made all the wrinkles noticeable. My hands looked like I was twice my age! Something for me to look forward to as I approach middle age...and perhaps you, too. ;)

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