Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Undercover motivation

70 Work days left! Okay, that still seems like a lot. But compared to 527 work days down? That's better.

It is remarkable how much of a difference my commute makes in my mood for the rest of the morning. This morning was an uneventful drive, a couple of slow spots and the threat of rain, but in the end I got here in good time. I'm in a slightly above average mood. On terrible commute days I am invariably in a terrible mood. I wish I had more control over my mood than that, but I'm going to be forgiving to myself and say it's too much to expect of a pregnant lady. Besides, I'm usually really good about not letting my badish moods affect anyone but myself. I say usually..... still plenty of mistakes.

Renn instigated a girl's night out last night. Oh the irony. My mother has been wanting to watch Sense and Sensibility, and she couldn't find her copy, so I had Mr. Renn pick it up on the way home from work. He made tea and hot chocolate for everyone, and invited his mother over to watch it with us (and she said yes... which is a surprise and a post unto itself). So there we are, Renn and I and our Mothers having a tea party and watching Sense and Sensibility...... too funny. I just love Mr. Renn for not being afraid of things like that, at least for not being afraid to enjoy them. I think we all had a nice evening, Renn and the ladies.

I also got to make an Emily dinner last night. Renn makes fun of me because I always seem to make a variation of the same thing when I get to make dinner. We had pasta with olive oil, basil, roma tomatoes, purple olives, artichoke hearts, and italian cheese (I would have added pesto... but alas we are out). All with one of those "finish baking at home" baguettes. It was lovely. It's great to eat without having to feed picky eaters. I'm sure I'll be missing that experience shortly.

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