Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Among the other tasks and assignments from the Dental School that are sending us into fits, Mr. Renn has to collect a quart size jar of teeth. Yes, that is a lot. It's probably the equivalent of the mouths of at least 30 people. So Mr. Renn has contacted every Dentist and Endodontist he can get a friendly reference to, and the collection has begun. In our bathroom (our lovely new, otherwise attractive bathroom) sits a quart jar full of bleach... and some teeth that once belonged to strangers.



Em said...

Well, I guess they are going to put the real teeth into fake mouths and work on them before working on real people.... at least that's our new best guess. I though it was kind of a strange request myself...

--jeff * said...

.......the fer??
have you checked into the accreditation of these schools? or is it an on-line correspondance with a northern region of hungary?
i would help if i could.
i really would.

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