Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Well, hooray for uneventful visits to the Doctor. It only took 1 try to draw blood (which is unusual for me... I seem to have veins with stagefright), I'm still measuring spot on, and both my bloodpressure and the baby's heart rate look good. In fact I was almost disappointed it was so uneventful.... but that's just me being hard to please.

Afterwards Mr. Renn and I trekked out to Babies R Us and spent oodles of our hard earned money. At least we will be equipt to bring a baby home from the hospital now. (Well technically we had to have everything ordered into the store.... so we've paid for it now, and we'll be equipt in 2 weeks...)
But it feels good to be more prepared than I was yesterday.

Baby steps.

Mr. Renn had to get a bucketload of immunizations yesterday as part of his admission to Dental School. When I got home last night he couldn't move his arms from his sides, they hurt so much. (I told him he looked like a T-rex with the little flailing forearms.... he cracked a smile.) And he's expected to have flu-like symptoms for the rest of the week... on top of the useless arms. Can we say F-U-N?

Mr. Renn and I are just needle-magnets this week... aren't we?

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