Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Morning Face

I have now worked at my job that I do not love but do not hate for 550 days. I have very little to show for it (other than the extra 44,000 miles on the odometer in my car). That makes me sad.

The photo session on Saturday went really well. I am excited to see how it turned out, but I will have to wait until after the belly buddy is out. My friend who took the photos is headed to NYC tomorrow to start an internship, and probably won't get around to developing and printing everything until after she gets back in August. *Little Sigh* Still, it will be nice to see the photos of my belly for the first time after the belly is gone.

The birth announcements are almost finished! Well, that is the parts I can finish before there is a birth to announce are almost finished. Baby steps. It will be nice to move on to another half-way started project soon. I'm such a dork.

Renn and I finished reading Mitten Strings for God on Sunday. It was kind of sad to be finished. Now Mr. Renn is looking into buying a whole box of that book to give as gifts. Oh yes, we are nerds.

It was a nice quasi-first Mother's Day for me. Since my mother's day gift was regrettably unavailable for opening, (a la camera debacle) Mr. Renn had to make due with flattery and accolades. I am such a nerd, I ate it up. "Awwww, thanks honey.... go on...."
We managed to get all the mothers and grandmothers in our lives celebrated (except one... but 5/6 isn't bad, right?) with gifts and cards and such. Generally a successful day.

And yes, I know that this post is choppy and incoherent. I know that most of my posts are choppy and incoherent. You know why that is? It's because I'm writing them in between phone calls at work. I have about 47 work days (69 calendar days) until my due date. I have my fingers crossed that my post-job posts will be much much better in this regard, maybe even eloquent. BUT let's not count my chickens until they are hatched. Posting in between feedings and diaper changes may not be any better.

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