Friday, May 12, 2006

up beat up

I have discovered a new phobia. I have a deep-seated fear of official looking paperwork. I got a whole grundle of forms today regarding maternity leave, and related HR stuff. Cold Sweat, seeing spots, YikeS!

I'm also dealing with the unquenchable thirst thing. This could have a lot to do with the fiery heartburn that keeps sending acidic tastes up my throat (fun), but seriously.... 48 oz in 5 hours? You'd think I was running a marathon or something.... but nope, just sitting still. So much fun to be pregnant (snicker.)

And my third random train of thought for the day (who can keep their thoughts coherent on a Friday?) We had dinner with some friends last night, and Renn actually let himself have lots of fun playing with their 11 month old son. Like serious "I can't wait for my own" kind of fun. What a relief for me! I never realized how truly paranoid I was that Mr. Renn didn't want kids as much as I did. But oodles of relief flowed through me, and I realized I didn't have to worry about something I didn't even realize I was worrying about. Isn't that odd?

Tomorrow one of the most fabulous people I know is spoiling me rotten. I have a college friend who was/is a photography major (with a double minor in German and Chinese... how awesome is she?) who has offered to take a bunch of pictures of me being pregnant for art and memory's sake. She also took our engagement photos and my bridals (which she normally hates to do), and those all turned out just gorgeous.... so I am excited! But oh the pressure! What do I wear (or not wear) and what do I want these photos to communicate? I have lots of decisions to make before tomorrow, but at least they are happy-thought decisions!

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