Thursday, May 11, 2006


Mr. Renn seems to be having another rough day. He woke up this morning feeling like he'd been hit by a semi truck. All sorts of aches. Call it flu-like symptoms and T-rex arms, I guess. He set out to be productive anyway, but after 5 minutes he mysteriously managed to disconnect our internet... don't ask me. He was trying to find our tax info to send to the Dental School (again) because apparently they need it sent several times (?). But he couldn't find it anywhere. Taxes were taken care of while Emily was still puking, so I have no idea where he put it, and I cannot be helpful. So we both had to ask our employers for new forms... fun times. THEN he found out that the camera that is supposed to be my Mother's Day present is on backorder - - indefinitely. *sigh*
He went over to his parents' to use their internet and try to straighten some things out with the Dental School, and then went Mother's Day shopping with his dad (for his mom). They managed to get all the way home (through construction traffic... took them an extra 20 minutes or so each way) before they realized they'd left at least 1 purchase behind at the mall.

Oooh - sounds like the makings of a rough day to me.

Luckily I convinced Mr. Renn to take some Ibuprofen, so he is feeling considerably better. And I convinced Mr. Renn to take it easy today.... so instead of weeding and spreading mulch for my parents he is just going to fold laundry and read a book. If all I had to do today was fold laundry and read a book, I think that I would invariably call it a good day.


Cam said...

Hopefully you didn't make the mistake of buying the camera from this outfit like I did once.


Em said...

No - my dad helped us find it and he told us he checked to make sure it wasn't refurbished.... but I'm still not very impressed with whatever company it is...
I'm letting Mr. Renn handle it - the world of cyber-sales is not for me.

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