Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Talking Heads

I am a sleeeepy little girl. Since my parents left for their anniversary cruise on Sunday morning, I have been playing Mom ( & Dad) to my siblings. It is exhausting. Mr. Renn appears to have been having a great time of it though. He's taken them to 2 movies and golfing, as well as lots of playing and partying at home. I, on the other hand spent a massive chunk of my holiday weekend doing my family's laundry. And I'm still not done, the last load is sitting in the washer waiting for me to get home. I think I did at least 12 loads of laundry and not one iota of it belonged to me!

I spent the other massive chunk of my holiday weekend getting caught up on finances. We're (unfortunately) talking we hadn't balanced our checkbook since January '05 getting caught up. Took at least 12 hours, but we are entirely current! That's a fabulous (exhausting) feeling.

This morning I had a doctor's appointment, and my baby was all wiggles for my doctor. She had a bit of a hard time getting him to hold still long enough to hear his heartbeat (at least a clear enough signal that we could hear it). But he appears to be fantastically healthy and perfectly on schedule. The way things are going I won't be surprised if we wind up being one of the 2% (or is it 5%) of people who actually deliver on their due date.

After the successful doctor's appointment we headed to the BRU to pickup our infant carseat. (We had to order it into the store to get the color we want). After work today we're going to take everything out of the box and take a few minutes to try to remember how excited we are (despite being tired and stressed).

Other than a scary confrontation with my brother (formerly the Disaster) last night (which confrontation is now peaceful(ish)ly resolved) I think I am doing a reasonable job of keeping my family from falling apart at the seams. Oh I hope my parents are having a great time out there on that boat, that'll make it all worthwhile.

A couple of blogs I frequent are asking hard questions today. I haven't got it in me to think such deep thoughts just now. I'm a tired pregnant lady, easily upset, and my brain is fuzzy. So instead of pondering the complexities of life, I'm just going to try to take it easy and get some sleep. I'll come all the way back to life sometime.... just don't know when.

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Cam said...

>>Oh I hope my parents are having a great time out there on that boat...<<
Its a ship, not a boat...despite the name of that TV show from the 80's about amourous adventures aboard cruise "ships".


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