Tuesday, May 02, 2006


My dad is being ambitious. Every Sunday and Monday evening he is reading to the family from " The Peacegiver" by James Ferrell. We've never done this before... we've always been lucky to get an occasional scripture reading done before 3 or 4 kids were sleeping on the floor. But it's been an interesting experience so far.... I think I like this kind of new, interesting experience.

My brother the Disaster has been trying unusually hard to not be a disaster lately. My mom says he's even started reading the BoM on his own, which blows my mind. So my dad determined to include the Disaster in our family reading, and determination is exactly what it has required. Last night the Disaster declined to come down for FHE, claiming he felt too sick (which may or may not be true.... but based on the fact that he kept Mr. Renn and myself up late into the night lifting weights.... I am a bit doubtful). So instead of what was planned for FHE, my dad dragged everyone up to the Disaster's bedroom (which thankfully had just been "cleaned" so we could all fit in there and find some semblance of a comfortable spot on the floor to sit). And we read a few chapters in the Disaster's bedroom while he pretended to be asleep. I love it when my parents find determined but nice ways to keep my family together. It will be a nice memory to keep.

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hairyshoefairy said...

That's awesome. I love reading books aloud with family. Ithink it's great that your dad's so insistant on including the Disaster.

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