Friday, June 09, 2006

chump change

Blogger has been eating all of my interesting posts lately. It ate the post about discovering my first stretch mark (the trauma!) and all my deep dark fears and inhibitions about breastfeeding. I guess they weren't meant to be. And now I can't post pictures.... issues.

I wonder how often a normal pregnant person naps. Well, a normal pregnant person who doesn't have kids anyway. It seems like my body is trying really hard to tell me I ought to be napping once or twice a day. I am unfortunately unable to comply. Problem is I get really cranky when I'm that sleepy. Watch out coworkers! Yesterday I got really snappy towards the end of the day. I tried to contain myself, but no matter what words I allowed myself to say they came out sounding very irritated. I hope nobody was too terribly offended. I couldn't seem to help it.

Since I can't work on my baby's room (haven't ever seen it and won't until the baby does too) I've been trying to spend my spare moments working on things that I can control. I made/put together some thank-you gifts for future use for baby-shower throwers, nurses and doctors. I've gotten a decent start on the Moses Basket Cover and most of the baby announcements have addresses.

But looming large and heavy overhead is the fact that I have yet to set foot in our storage unit to sort things out for the move. I'm going to have to take at least one day off work to tackle that one. I don't think anyone likes moving anyway, all the hassle and decisions and work, but being all pregnant (tired, cranky, achey...) makes it seem that much worse. I can't even stand up for 20 minutes, how am I supposed to sort through boxes of all my earthly possessions? I'm just not sure how that's going to work out, BUT rest assured, we will find a way. We always find a way. I just seem to enjoy losing sleep over such things. I am a little stressball, a ball of stress - that's me.

Officially less than 30 workdays left! 58 total commutes at most. Do I have anyone's permission to be a little bit less than focused at work? (Because I am having a really hard time)

Mr. Renn has officially set a date for the move. On August 10th he and his parents and little brother will head out East on I-80 (and keep driving on it for a week). That means we'll have to have our baby blessing on August 7th if we want to have any family involved. Our baby will (almost certainly) be between 1-3 weeks old. That seems so awfully young. Still, it's nice to know how things are going to work out, even if there are a few things I wish I could change. Nobody gets everything they want, right? Then I won't see Mr. Renn from August 10th until whenever I get out to Philadelphia to join him. That, for certain, will be as hard as rocks. One does what one must, right?

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