Monday, June 12, 2006

On my mind

Mr. Renn and I proudly survived our childbirth class on Saturday. We managed to sit in uncomfortable chairs for 8 hours and learn all kinds of things. Well, we're not sure exactly what we learned, but we're proud of ourselves nonetheless.

The lady who taught our class is also a Lamaze instructor, so she was really pushing everyone to come back for that class. While I have nothing against lamaze, everyone I've talked to so far has said it really doesn't help much, so I'd have a hard time justifying spending time and money on the class. I'm really rather short on both of those things. But I am planning on packing music, massage oil, and something that smells good. Any additional tips are welcome, although I can't promise to follow through on them.

The big decision of the moment seems to be circumcision. Apparently it is becoming increasingly unpopular (here in the states), with as few as 40% of infant boys being circumcised. Neither Mr. Renn nor I have really strong feelings here (I didn't even realized that not doing it was an option.... ) so we are trying our darndest to put together some criteria and research to make a decision. But everything we come across seems so polarized. It's the traditionalists v. the granolas.... or so it seems.
My SIL who falls on the granola end of the spectrum just opted against circumcision for her baby boy, but when we talked to her all of the sources of information that she used to make her decision were also from that end of the spectrum... so that didn't help us decide at all.

My brother, formerly the Disaster, is leaning toward being a Disaster again. He's taken to saying remarkably (un)intelligent things (parenthesis in order just in case sarcasm doesn't translate).

Example: After giving himself a compulsive haircut and leaving a trail of hair in my mother's bathroom, he refuses to clean up after himself by saying, "I don't have time for this, I work for a living..." And this he says to my mother, who makes more money and works more hours than anyone else in the house. Brilliant.

Example: While arguing with my 17 yr brother (who is remarkably mature for his age, albeit still a teenager with hormones) he proclaims "Well I'm a responsible adult now, I have a kid..." Logic behind that one? Anyone? Please?


hairyshoefairy said...

I've read a bit about circumcision online but it was all against. I've yet to see anything for. What I have read is interesting, though. Gratefully NYDD and I don't have to decide on this one. Good luck! I'm still trying to figure out everything I'm going to take to the hospital, too and my class isn't until tomorrow.

samuel said...

Hi, I kind of stumbled across your blog here, interestingly enough at the post where you mention circumcision. I'm not going to rant about it, but I would like to make one point.
There is no proven benefit from circumcising boys, so what use is there to cut off a part of him at birth? It does hurt, and it is totally unnecessary. It is also a decision that can't be undone once a child is circumcised.
As far as Lamaze classes, the main benefit that I got from them was just being further prepared. I was more aware of what was happening while my wife was in labor, and I was able to do my best to help her when she needed me. Discussing this during our second pregnancy (two happy uncut boys, btw) my wife agreed with my Lamaze prognosis.
So, there is my two cents worth from a random passerby. Good luck whatever decision you make, and good luck with that baby!

Cam said...

Well, here's an argument for circumcision that I never heard of before.

Em said...

My doctor has actually told us about the reduced risk of HIV and several other infections as a possible pro. Also, in elderly and disabled men, where assisted care is required for personal hygiene, circumcision makes a huge difference in the rate of UTI and other infections. Lots of things to think about.

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