Monday, June 12, 2006

To Phila

In some painfully bored moments at work... I decided to look for some happy-thought photos of and from Philadelphia. What a great passtime. It makes me feel better and it's FREE!

Philadelphia at Sunrise.... pretty.

These are from a charity event/fashion show. Have I ever mentioned how gorgeous I think red can be?

The Philadelphia Museum of Art. Think I can get season tickets?

An actual mural. How eften do you see one of those?

I just liked this photo of a bridge because the sky looks incredible. I'll have to let you know if the sky ever looks that good in person.

Even the alleys have personality!

I am a big fan of parks. Parks with benches, even better. Pretty parks with pretty benches... I'm so there!

Hopefully I can get into the cool historical sites without feeling uber-touristy. This one was relatively inviting... as long as our B. Franklin actor doesn't creep me out.

I found a lot of promising fountain pics. I could sit and watch a fountain forever. Something about moving water is just hypnotizing.


Shelley said...

Philadelphia is my favorite city on the east coast. It doesn't feel too large, has so much personality, and SO much history (yum yum!), and the architecture in downtown definitely beats New York or Washington D.C. I loved Philly, and I know you will too!

--jeff * said...

i'm a little jealous, mle.
in the search for historicity and culturedness, i really don't think you can beat philadelphia. kind of the u.s.'s version of kyoto....
while i don't think i've ever been there [one trip to the east coast when i was 12, and i forget where all we went], i think shelley really sums it up well. it will be a strong complement to you, offering the art and inspiration to sustain your [supposedly-former] film student life as you work at being a new mother and awesome wife.

you'll always be a film maker.

[and those clouds will look that good only if you take with you an nd filter and a pola...]

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